Warm-Ups & Mobility

Warm-Ups & Mobility

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Warm-Ups & Mobility
  • Ankle Mobility

    Wall ankle mobility test
    Eccentric calf raises
    Goblet Squat Hold + Pulse
    Goblet squat hold for time

  • Leg Day Mobility / Warm-Up

    Wide Stance Hip Hinge with Rotation x3/each
    Hip Flexor Stretch 1/side
    Walking Hamstring Scoops x10
    Forward Fold to Half Standing Forward Fold x2
    Banded Side steps 3x10/way
    Banded Glute bridge 3x10 with 10 second squeeze on last rep x2

  • Shoulder Mobility / Warm-Up

    Mobility Test: Scapular Floor slides
    Shoulder Sislocates
    Band Pull Aparts
    Bar Hangs with Scapular Pull Ups