Lift At Home

Lift At Home

12 Seasons

You will need *some* gym equipment for these workouts, including (not for all workouts- it varies):

- bench (incline bench preferred)
- dumbbells
- kettlebells
- a barbell (can sub with Dumbbells) with bumper plates (the ones where they are all the same size no matter the weight) would be very helpful
- giant bands (pull-up assist bands)
- smaller/normal hip bands
- medicine ball/slam ball
- stability ball
- bench and/or step.

For HIIT - a drill ladder / agility ladder

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Lift At Home
  • Quick Reference Guide & Progress Tracker: Month 9 - At Home (PDF)

    703 KB

  • M9 At Home Day 1 - Legs

    Episode 1

    3 sets: 8,6,4 on all exercises this month
    Increase weight on each set if you can, do warmup set each exercise
    Heavy Goblet or Barbell Back Squat
    DB RDL
    Split Squat. SUB: Double DB Squat 8,6,4
    Single Leg RDL. SUB: Staggered Stance RDL 8,6,4
    Single Leg Weighted Calf Raise (repeat the 8,6,4 pa...

  • M9 At Home Day 2 - Back & Biceps

    Episode 2

    Overhead Band Row (Pull Up Substitute- Pronated Grip)
    Bilateral DB Deadstop Row
    Deadstop Single Arm DB Row
    Explosive DB Curls
    Preacher Curl on Bench
    Seated Incline supinated curls

  • M9 At Home Day 3 - Glutes, Chest & Abs

    Episode 3

    60 seconds rest after all sets except abs Triset
    Weighted Reverse Lunge. SUB: Banded Glute Bridge x20
    Staggered Stance RDL
    Glute Dominant Bulgarian Split Squat SUB: KB Swing 8,6,4
    DB Bench Press
    Band high to low Flies
    Band Low to High Flies
    Abs Tri Set: 30 seconds rest after each Triset
    1. Weig...

  • M9 At Home Day 4 - Shoulders & Triceps

    Episode 4

    Arnold Press
    DB Push Press
    Lateral Raise/Front Raise/Rear Delt Bent Over Raise
    -Repeat Lateral/Front/Rear Raise Triset with heavier weight for 6 reps, then 4 reps
    Close Grip DB Press
    Explosive DB Skullcrushers from Floor
    Band Triceps Extensions