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HIIT • 25m

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  • M10 HIIT

    Do each exercise consecutively with 30 seconds rest between exercises, 3 rounds, 2 mins rest between rounds

    Jump Rope x30 seconds. SUB: Calf Raise Pulses from Floor x 30 seconds
    Walking Push Ups 10 each way
    Split Jumps on Step x20. SUB: Banded Bodyweight Squats X20
    Man maker x5
    Continuous Gobl...

  • M11 HIIT

    30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 2 mins rest between rounds, 3 rounds
    Plyo Split Lunge on Step. SUB: Continuous Bodyweight Squat
    Medicine Ball Slams
    Box Jumps or Jump Squats. SUB: Kettlebell Swing
    Push Up or Plyo Push Up
    Bench Hop Over Squats. SUB: Banded Squats with 3 Abductions
    Overhead Toss....

  • M12 HIIT

    TABATA: 4 exercises. 4 rounds.
    1 round is 4 minutes. You'll do the same exercise for 4 mins.
    Each round is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.
    1 minute rest after each round.
    20 mins total workout.

    Exercise 1: Goblet Squat (or bodyweight)
    Exercise 2: Push Ups (elevate hands when it becomes too diffic...