Lift at the Gym

Lift at the Gym

12 Seasons

Get ready to hit the gym with Coach Tara! Full workouts that require gym equipment or a well-equipped home gym.

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Lift at the Gym
  • Quick Reference Guide & Progress Tracker: Month 4 - At the Gym (PDF)

    755 KB

  • M4 At the Gym Day 1 - Legs

    Episode 1

    Equipment Needed:
    Leg Press
    Leg Extension Machine
    Leg Curl Machine
    Barbell with Rack
    Standing Calf Machine

    Superset 1: Quads, Hams, Glutes
    Leg Press Feet High x10
    Leg Press Feet Low x10

    Superset 2: Quads, Hams, Glutes
    Leg Extension x10
    Lying or Seated Leg Curl x10

    Superset 3: Quads, Hams, Glut...

  • M4 At the Gym Day 2 - Back & Biceps

    Episode 2

    Equipment Needed:
    Seated Cable Row
    Incline Bench

    Superset 1: Back
    Barbell Row Isometric Hold x10 seconds
    Barbell Row x10

    Superset 2: Back
    Seated Cable Row for Lats x10
    Seated Cable Row for Upper Back x10

    Superset 3: Biceps
    DB Isometric Hold at 90 x10 seconds
    Biceps 21’s- 7 u...

  • M4 At the Gym Day 3 - Glutes, Chest & Abs

    Episode 3

    Equipment Needed:
    Small Band
    Barbell Pad
    Back Extension or GHD
    Ab Crunch machine
    Cable Machine

    Superset 1: Glutes
    Banded Glute Bridge x10
    Barbell Hip Thrust x10

    Superset 2: Glutes
    Hip Extension Isometric Squeeze x10 seconds
    Hip Extensions 5013 x10

    Superset 3: Chest

  • M4 At the Gym Day 4 - Shoulders & Triceps

    Episode 4

    Equipment Needed:
    Seated Bench
    Cable Machine with Rope & Bar Attachment

    Superset 1: Shoulders
    Seated Overhead Press x10
    Seated Lateral L Raise with Rotation x10

    Superset 2: Shoulders
    Front Raise x10
    Bent Over Single Arm Rear Delt Raise x10/arm

    Superset 3: Triceps
    Rope Triceps Press d...