Lift at the Gym

Lift at the Gym

12 Seasons

Get ready to hit the gym with Coach Tara! Full workouts that require gym equipment or a well-equipped home gym.

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Lift at the Gym
  • Quick Reference Guide & Progress Tracker: Month 12 - At the Gym (PDF)

    701 KB

  • M12 At the Gym Day 1 - Legs

    Episode 1

    1 set 30 sec Goblet Squat Iso Hold
    Goblet Squat
    Barbell Back Squat- 60 sec rest
    1 set 30 sec Barbell RDL Iso Hold at Initial Position
    Barbell RDL
    Barbell Deadlift- 60 sec rest
    1 set 30 second Calf Raise Iso Hold
    Standing Calf Raise Machine
    Single Leg Standing Calf Raise Machine

  • M12 At the Gym Day 2 - Back & Biceps

    Episode 2

    1 Set Skydive Iso Hold (30 sec)
    Chest Supported Row Machine
    Lat Pulldown
    Barbell Row
    DB Curl Iso Hold 30 seconds
    Standing Supinating Curls
    Standing Hammer Curls
    Preacher Curl

  • M12 At the Gym Day 3 - Glutes, Chest & Abs

    Episode 3

    2 sets of: 20 Banded Lateral Walks Each Way to 2x: 10 sec banded glute bridge iso hold into 10 Banded Glute Bridges
    Deep Goblet Squat
    Banded Barbell Hip Thrust- 60 sec rest
    1 set 30 second chest fly iso hold
    DB Chest Flies
    DB Chest Press
    1 set Ab Tuck Hold 30 seconds
    20 Ab Tucks (modified v up) ...

  • M12 At the Gym Day 4 - Shoulders & Triceps

    Episode 4

    1 set 30 second DB Overhead Press Iso Hold at Bottom
    DB Overhead Press
    DB Lateral Raise
    DB Front Raise
    DB Bilateral Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
    1 set 30 second Bilateral DB Skullcrusher Iso Hold at Initial Position
    Bilateral DB Skullcrushers
    Rolling Skullcrusher on Floor
    Triceps Pushups