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Watch this video and more on Coach Tara: On Demand

Lift At Home

M12 At Home Day 1 - Legs


Up Next in Month 12

  • M12 At Home Day 2 - Back & Biceps

    1 Set Skydive Iso Hold (30 sec)
    Chest Supported Incline DB Row
    Bent Over Single Arm DB Row with Lat Emphasis
    Bent Over DB Bilateral Row
    DB Curl Iso Hold 30 seconds
    Standing Supinating Curls
    Standing Hammer Curls
    Preacher Curl on Bench

  • M12 At Home Day 3 - Glutes, Chest & Abs

    2 sets of: 20 Banded Lateral Walks Each Way to 2x: 10 sec Banded Glute Bridge Iso Hold into 10 Banded Glute Bridges
    Deep Goblet Squat
    Banded Barbell or DB Hip Thrust- 60 sec rest
    1 set 30 second chest fly iso hold
    DB Chest Flies
    DB Chest Press
    1 set Ab Tuck Hold 30 seconds
    20 Ab Tucks (modified ...

  • M12 At Home Day 4 - Shoulders & Triceps

    1 set 30 second DB Overhead Press Iso Hold at Bottom
    DB Overhead Press
    DB Lateral Raise
    DB Front Raise
    DB Bilateral Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
    1 set 30 second Bilateral DB Skullcrusher Iso Hold at Initial Position
    Bilateral DB Skullcrushers
    Rolling Skullcrusher on Floor
    Triceps Pushups